How to apply to Basic

If you would like to talk to some of the officers or have questions, please feel free to jump into our Discord and you will be placed into a recruitment channel where we will be happy to talk and chat about Basic.

Click here to join the Basic Discord

Once you have joined the server, there is a channel to post your application. Below is the template to fill out and post so we can review.

 Character Name:
Date Posted:
Main Spec:
Off Spec(s):
Wowprogress: <link here>
Warcraftlog: <link here>
Armory: <link here>
UI Screenshot: <link here or post the image with your application in Discord>
Your Age: Time Zone:

Which team are you applying for, mythic or heroic?

Where did you hear about Basic?

Do you know anybody in Basic?

What are your goals in joining our team?

As a member of our team, you must be willing to do research. What sources of information do you use to improve your character and prepare for progression?

Do you have an authenticator?

Do you have a reliable internet connection, computer and a microphone?

Do you have any alts on this server?

Is there anything else you would like to add to your application at this time?